#211: Ode To Juliet’s Nurse

Juliet’s age-knowing, wormwood on dug-leaving, dirty-joke telling, thou wilt fall backward, when thou comest to age, wilt thou not, Jule-talking, fan-waving, fan’s the fairer face-waving, Mercrutio, scurvy-knaving, saucy merchant-screaming, I’ll take him down-threatening, match-making, Juliet-teasing, oh, my aching bones-complaining, where is your mother-asking, wedding-arranging, Romeo and Juliet co-conspiring, Romeo shaming, on Friar Lawrence-crushing, he’s dead,Continue reading “#211: Ode To Juliet’s Nurse”

#113: The Child House

The Child House is so called because the children in this building outnumber the adults about thirty-seven to one. Inside over a thousand big children are busy (or not) at some purpose which often remains mysterious to them, but never- theless is perceived by many to be of some importance. Many of the kids love theContinue reading “#113: The Child House”