Journal of the Plague Year: #21

Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, has made an executive order that as of July 1st, all Oregonians must wear face masks in indoor public places, or outdoors whenever there are concentrations of people and 6 foot distancing cannot be maintained. As if on cue, my DEVO face masks were in the mailbox the day that orderContinue reading “Journal of the Plague Year: #21”

#70: Chicken Cordon-Bleu Road Kill

Chicken Cordon-Bleu Road Kill On the way to work I lost my lunch. I was bicycling, and, as the result of some user-error, I suspect, some packing mishap, my lunch went flying out of my pannier and into the middle of the road. I had packed Chicken Cordon-Bleu, a beautiful and abundant serving from aContinue reading “#70: Chicken Cordon-Bleu Road Kill”