T@B Diaries #2: Stubb Stewart St. Park

  • in which Michael almost gives up on the trip before calling neighbor Dave to help him hitch up the trailer to the stupid van
  • in which Michael and his son Emerson and their new dog Tana embark on the first father-son-dog trip with the T@B
  • in which it snows and rains a lot, but still opportunities occur for long walks with the dog, dog park action, and even a few solitary moments
  • in which Michael gets along with his son swimmingly, but is bugged by how easily he is bugged and wishes he could stop
  • in which Michael, late on a January night way too cold and wet for a campfire, turns his son on to the X-files

Here’s a late posting of a blog entry I started to write way back in January after my son and I went on our first camping trip together with the T@B. I wrote the little blurby-blurb thing above but never got around to fleshing it out and posting pictures from our lovely little winter trip to L. L. Stubb Stewart State Park.

I don’t know if there’s anything else to say that isn’t neatly and concisely expressed in the above blurb bullets, but I do want to attach some pictures for general perusal and make a promise that I will be better and more timely about posting entries in the T@B Diary series for whoever might be interested. This memorial day, next weekend, we have planned our next trip!  Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the Jarmer boys and their dog.



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I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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