Mindfulness in 2017: A Reflection

Here’s the new year’s resolution I made two years ago for 2016: I resolve in 2016 to be more mindful, to find opportunities daily for meditation practice, and to seek out a community, some companionship on the journey. This resolution was a resounding success. I found myself a community that still meets two years laterContinue reading “Mindfulness in 2017: A Reflection”

Mindfulness in 2015: Day #17

After just now almost putting a pot of hot coffee into the refrigerator, I decide to spend a few minutes reflecting on how my Mindfulness Project for 2015 is coming along. To begin with, I just tried to put a hot pot of coffee into the refrigerator. That did not strike me as being especiallyContinue reading “Mindfulness in 2015: Day #17”

#87: Morning Meditation with Nerf Gun

While the boy loads his weapon and hides, Dad walks slowly around the yard, breathing. He knows the ambush is coming, but tries for and momentarily achieves a quiet mind. Even while he’s absorbing the cool morning air of a sunny spring day and loving the trees as they await their first blooms of theContinue reading “#87: Morning Meditation with Nerf Gun”