#134: Good Devil, Bad Devil (a mostly found poem)

I love it that this guy, a Fresno, California, Salvation Army volunteer, found $125,000 that fell from a Brinks truck on Tuesday, and he gave it all back. Joe Cornell, in rehab, with just $1 in his pocket for lunch that day, told the Fresno Bee he began to shake when he came upon the loot. “EverythingContinue reading “#134: Good Devil, Bad Devil (a mostly found poem)”

#101: The Snake or the Dove

Once again, happy National Poetry Month, thanks for visiting, and welcome to the first installment of a poem-a-day for the entire month for NaPoWriMo! Let the games begin!  Let the poems spew forth from the generative void that is Michael Jarmer’s brain.  And let us begin by following the prompt on the NaPoWriMo website for theContinue reading “#101: The Snake or the Dove”