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#134: Good Devil, Bad Devil (a mostly found poem)


I love it that this guy,
a Fresno, California,
Salvation Army volunteer,
found $125,000 that fell
from a Brinks truck on Tuesday,
and he gave it all back.
Joe Cornell, in rehab, with just $1
in his pocket for lunch that day,
told the Fresno Bee he began to shake
when he came upon the loot.
“Everything was going through my mind —
the good devil/bad devil thing. What to do?”
I love most that he talked about
that whole good devil, bad devil thing,
as if both the good parts and the
bad parts of our moral conscience
were somehow devils.
I especially like the idea
that even the good in us
is in fact a kind of devil,
so that, now, when we do
a truly good, unselfish,
compassionate thing for someone,
we can say, in all sincerity,
that the devil made us do it,
the good devil.




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