#266: New Buildings–A Ghazal

We watched the four houses across the street destroyed for thirty-two new buildings, the surrounding trees and plants and invisible creatures unearthed for new buildings. In our old neighborhood, across that street, an outpatient hospital was demolished to make way for an entire block of townhomes, bringing new people into new buildings. This has beenContinue reading “#266: New Buildings–A Ghazal”

#159: Listening, Drinking, Watching

(a landay/ghazal hybrid) Last night–I stay up late listening: new records spin in the dark and there’s bourbon to sip. A police car pulls in across the street, lights ablaze, I leave my headphones on and watch. I cannot tell what is happening but there is no indication of violence here so I continue listening, watching as theContinue reading “#159: Listening, Drinking, Watching”