#390: Poem on April 17, 2021

Poem on April 17 “Daddy always looked to the moon. He claimed it as his own.” I wrote those lyrics 20 years ago for a song we recorded,only loosely about my dadabout 10 years before he died. Those two lines, though, we’re an accurate portrayal;Not that my father reallybelieved the moon was his, but somewhereContinue reading “#390: Poem on April 17, 2021”

#28: Did You See The Moon?

Did You See The Moon? More luminous than your computer screen, shining in through the window of your study, full, full of fury, brightening the night sky like nobody’s business. Landing on the moon was not nearly as special as it was to look at the Earth from that vantage point. Just as, perhaps, theContinue reading “#28: Did You See The Moon?”