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#267: Zappa (a Clerihew)

One of my heroes, Frank Zappa,
would never put up with this kind of crappa.
He’d be rocking the vote and on to attacking
to send all these idiot bastard sons packing.

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#166: A Couple of Clerihews

Warren/Nietzsche 2016!

Warren/Nietzsche 2016Nietzsche1882

Senator Elizabeth Warren–
she won’t allow any snorin’
but neither will she give us our fun;
she refuses over and over to run.

Friedrich Nietzsche
could not be seen with a pee-chee;
a notebook guy, clearly it’s true–
how else could he pen Zarathu

Michael Jarmer
has become quite the verse farmer,
but attempting some Clerihew fun
exclaims, Oh, my, that sure was dumb.

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