In Memoriam: Papa Glen

Just to make sure readers don’t jump to conclusions upon reading two memorial essays side-by-side: no, my parents did not die within a week of each other, but seven years apart. I decided it would be appropriate and right to include this memorial essay for my father as a companion piece to the one IContinue reading “In Memoriam: Papa Glen”

#262: Nine on Nine–For the Birds

Mother is pissed partly because the oncologist made an appointment without consulting her; they scheduled her too early in the morning so she just says, screw it, I’m not going to let them tell me. It’s also the breast cancer, the second time around, and the fall a week or so ago that gave her aContinue reading “#262: Nine on Nine–For the Birds”

#65: Quality of Life

Quality of Life The story goes that my parents at one point made official a “do not resuscitate” order in the event of some cataclysmic approach of eternal darkness–and then, at some later point they changed their minds, in order, I can only guess, to live as long as they could live. That cataclysmic eventContinue reading “#65: Quality of Life”