#370: Almanac Questionnaire

Almanac Questionnaire Weather: It’s sunny and warm again, yes, again, yes, finally after three gray days. We’ve been spoiled a little by weather. Nature trying to soften us up. Flora: The oak trees are leafing–I almost saw it happen. You have to be quick. There must be a moment, three o’clock in the morning, likely, when theseContinue reading “#370: Almanac Questionnaire”

#327: Things That Are No Fun, A to Z.

Automobile payments. Assholes. Bladder infections. Bad bourbon. Cancer, all kinds. C-sections. Car crashes. Dentist appointments. Death of Dads, Moms, and Dogs. Evil people. Erectile dysfunction. Fallopian tube removal. Gangrene. Gingivitis. Grading papers. Hangovers. Head wounds. Indecisiveness. Idiocy. Jail, I’m told. Ketchup stains. Kleptocracies. Leeches. Motormouths. Munchausen by Proxy. Nut allergies. Ovary removal. Prostate exams. QueryContinue reading “#327: Things That Are No Fun, A to Z.”