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#433: An Epic Simile for the School Year (a poem on April 26, 2022)

True story. And a response to today's prompt to write an "epic simile." That's actually a thing. Typically found in, you guess it, epic poetry. Milton's got some doozies in Paradise Lost, for example.

This school year is flying by
like a bullet train at lightning speed,
its passengers securely buckled in,
or, even, despite incredible
rates of acceleration, move freely
inside the cabins as if they were
standing stock still, sipping their
drinks, forking their hors d’oeuvres,
oblivious to the fact that they
are moving at 200 miles per hour.
I think, but I am not sure,
that as the engineer of this train,
I have a certain modicum
of control here, but still, I have to ask,
are we really going this fast?

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