#237: Off Air (a Haiku Followed by Two Lengthy Postscripts)

I will go one day without Facebook, internet news. See what happens. Postscript: I wrote this poem several days ago, thinking I would post it that evening and begin the next morning as a single day without Facebook and internet news. That did not happen. I’ve been sitting on this one and I find that especially worrisome.Continue reading “#237: Off Air (a Haiku Followed by Two Lengthy Postscripts)”

#236: Media Fast, Anyone?

I cannot help it. I can’t look away. It’s a train wreck, a complete cluster, and every morning begins with the same question: What’s the outrage of the day? And now that I’m on a holiday break I’ve got something like free time to keep checking in on the downfall of my civilization. I thinkContinue reading “#236: Media Fast, Anyone?”