#462: Yesterday, when I was at the pet shop . . .

Along with the terrible very bad nasty no-good weather we’ve been having in my Oregon neck of the woods, it appears also to be raining sonnets. Cloudy with a strong chance of sonnets. I reeled in three yesterday, and I caught two today, both big ones, 15 lines long. That’s an extra 7.1228% of sonnet. I could have saved one for later and taken a day off, but this one kind of has to be posted today, since yesterday is its very specific subject matter. Not to mention tomorrow. Yesterday was a big day for marijuana users. I did not know that, or, rather, it was just not on my radar. All the late night t.v. hosts were talking about it and then everything became clear to me. Tomorrow, as you may know, is the music fan equivalent of the 4/20 holiday.

Twenty-one (420)

Yesterday, when I was at the pet shop, 
I wondered what was going on next door,
A long line of young people stood outside 
The Green Planet, the neighborhood pot store.
I’d never seen a line like that before. 
Momentarily, I’d forgotten what 
day it was. 4/20, essentially, Christmas 
for pot smokers and edible eaters 
and baked bakers. It took me a long time 
to put two and two together. I assumed
They were just doing a booming business. 
Made me want to become a pot smoker.
Does it cost a lot to become a stoner? 
I’m saving my pennies for Record Store Day;
4/22 is right around the corner.

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I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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