#193: A Meditation on Missing a Day of Meditation After 28 Consecutive Days of Meditation


I woke up this morning
with a kind of sinking feeling:
something was amiss;
and then I realized that yesterday
I did not meditate. I missed
my first day of meditation
after 28 consecutive days
of meditation.
So, while I meditated this
morning, it was difficult
to quiet the mind, difficult
to appease the internal
meditation teacher,
difficult to let go of
the fact that my iphone
application that helps me
keep track of consecutive
days of meditation would now
be set once again to zero.
Surprised that missing a
single day of meditation
would produce such anxiety,
I meditated on that.

And then I gave myself a
pass, total and complete
absolution, because, after all,
yesterday I wrote a poem,
and isn’t writing poetry a
kind of meditation?

Damn straight.

Yesterday I wrote a
meditation on the cruelty
of January, so even though
my Insight Timer feels
differently, today I claim
30 consecutive days of
sitting meditation:
So there.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

3 thoughts on “#193: A Meditation on Missing a Day of Meditation After 28 Consecutive Days of Meditation

  1. Yes, writing poetry counts. And you can go into your settings and add an entry for yesterday if you want to keep your streak on Insight Timee. You can enter in the time that you spent writing poetry. Gotta go easy on yourself. And congratulations for starting a regular practice. That’s awesome!!!

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