#309: My Morrissey is Getting Better

All day I had Morrissey’s voice in my head after 5 albums worth of The Queen is Dead, the original album and eight sides of bonus and the lyrics to the song “I Know It’s Over” percolating and reverberating everywhere and again; it was almost too much to bear. I walked up and down hallwaysContinue reading “#309: My Morrissey is Getting Better”

#10: Your Dumb Smart Phone

The assignment today was to write an “un-love” poem. The Smiths come to mind, for so many reasons, but in particular the lyric, “I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday” from the Strangeways, Here We Come album. Morrissey was/is the king of the “un-love” song. Sure, I can do that, I thought. And IContinue reading “#10: Your Dumb Smart Phone”