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#173: On Not Writing a Poem


I don’t have to write a poem today.
And you know, I don’t think I will.
I will not write a poem.
I wrote 30 poems in a row,
a poem a day for 30 days,
so today I’m just taking a break,
doing other things, reading
the stupid news, drinking coffee,
making a comment here and there
on the Facebook, frying an egg,
discovering last night’s wine glass,
the one I looked for after everyone
had gone to bed before I gave up
and got a new one, you know,
things like that, nothing particularly
useful, worthwhile, or productive.
And then I think I understand
why it was so easy for me to
write a poem every day for 30 days:
an excuse to do something creative
instead of all the other things
I probably should have been doing,
useful, worthwhile, productive things, or
an excuse to do something creative
instead of reading stupid news,
drinking coffee, posting to Facebook,
frying an egg, searching for a lost
wine glass. I’ll admit it was good
for me, okay. But today, I don’t have
to write a poem. Today, I decide
I am not writing a poem.


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