A Single Dispatch After the AWP Conference

Oh my god, after three days of the kind of intensity that only a conference of thousands of creative writers under one roof could generate, I am spent. And yet, at 4:30 on Saturday, as I walk away from the Oregon Convention Center at the end of my last session at the Association for WritersContinue reading “A Single Dispatch After the AWP Conference”

#172: A Backwards Poem

Welcome to the very last day of Michael Jarmer’s contribution to National Poetry Writing Month. The optional assignment for this last day of these poetic festivities from the napowrimo website reads like this: “Today, I challenge you to write a poem backwards. Start with the last line and work your way up the page toContinue reading “#172: A Backwards Poem”

#9: Some Performance Poets Are Not Very Good At Poetry

They’re often yelling, for starters, and even the good ones have a particular cadence and that annoying inflection that always goes up at the end as if they were, in the words of one performance poet, always asking a question. One wonders if the same poems, the ones shouted at audiences or delivered at break-neckContinue reading “#9: Some Performance Poets Are Not Very Good At Poetry”