To Be a Life-Long Listener

In education we often bandy about one of our most sincere hopes for our students and aspirations for ourselves, to be life-long learners. I’m a huge fan of this concept. I never want to be complacent about my learning, about expanding the horizons of my brainiac: I want to read new things, write new things,Continue reading “To Be a Life-Long Listener”

Thank You, Neil

Somewhat unusually, I think, because it wasn’t a huge hit, the first album I heard from Rush was the debut, the only Rush record without a Neil Peart on the drums. My brother had it, and during those days, as young as I was, my brothers’ and my sister’s records just seemed to BE there.Continue reading “Thank You, Neil”

#15: Weeping At Rock Shows

Weeping At Rock Shows I’ve done it. I have allowed myself to weep at rock shows. Usually, I’m alone, anonymous in a crowd, no social obligations, no company to keep, and I am moved by the music. There’s an upswell that begins in the chest and travels up through the throat, the eyes water–enough,  perhaps,Continue reading “#15: Weeping At Rock Shows”

Only A Bad Dream: Record Store Paradise Lost

I had a nightmare last night that Music Millennium, the oldest independent record store in Portland, closed its doors, and I wandered around the store weeping while the employees packed everything into boxes. It was a terrible, suffocating dream, vivid, emotionally as real as they come. You know the kind, one of those night timeContinue reading “Only A Bad Dream: Record Store Paradise Lost”