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#19: Monkey Bar Encounter

The assignment from the NaPoWriMo website today calls for a personal ad poem. There used to be a thing in one of our local rags called “chance encounters.” I don’t know if they’re still publishing these, but I found them compelling, and I always wondered how likely it was that the intended audience would ever see the thing in the first place and understand it was meant for them, and if they did, then what?

Monkey Bar Encounter

at the park,
hanging upside down on the monkey bars,
swinging like a, well, like a monkey,
singing, appropriately enough,
from “Pleasant Valley Sunday;”
looking on from a picnic table across the field,
studying sow bugs through a jeweler’s loupe
for field studies in Entomology 101.
I could not concentrate.
Our eyes met.
I sang with you from a great distance
the verse about Mr. Green and Mrs. Gray.
You ran away.
Meet me there, noon, Tuesday?

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