#116: Pants on Fire


I hate teaching
and I hate my students.
I’m terrible and
they’re terrible.
What they say
is true, that those
who can’t teach
end up teaching–
and that’s me.
And my colleagues,
they can all just go to hell
for all I care.
None of them are
good company;
nor are they good
teachers. I’ve wasted
25 years of my life
in this hole
and the day when
I walk away from
all of it can’t come
soon enough.


Postscript:  just in case the image and the title of this piece were not sufficient as a hint, the suggestion from Napowrimo today was to write a poem consisting of nothing but lies. I can verify that none of the above is true, but it was a fun poem, and a strange one, to write.



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2 responses to “#116: Pants on Fire

  1. burning bridges
    imaginary fires

  2. Oooh. That’s a good one, Geo.

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