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#321: The American English Teacher Receives a Note from the Benevolent Rabbit Society

My only wish
is that they would
have gone for something
more alliterative:
Benevolent Bunny
sounds better and
simultaneously more
bouncy than Rabbit.

But none of that
overshadows the fact
that, for the first time
in my career as a public
school teacher, I and
a few of my colleagues
have received a tip.

It felt wrong somehow, and
a couple of us asked the principal
if there would not be something
kind of underhanded about
accepting the cash.
Our gifts were not signed by
any specific person, the envelope
was mailed to the school
without a return address,
so there was no way to know
who our benefactor was
beyond bunny rabbit,
a society of rabbits,
a group of benevolent rabbits.
Keep it, he said.
What else would you do?

When anonymous bunnies
give you money, what else could you do?

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