Introducing: The Book I Read (a podcast by Michael Jarmer Writer Guy)

(What follows is a text version of the first Michael Jarmer Writer Guy podcast. It’s gonna be short and sweet–a tiny little trailer to introduce listeners to the new thing and to spell out a few tantalizing descriptors and some enticements for listening and subscribing and perhaps even donating to the cause. If you’re just reading the following text, I predict: this will be a weird experience. I think you’ll need to jump over to the podcast–whenever it becomes live–to get the full idea. Okay, then, at any rate, here it goes.)

Hey there! And welcome to the trailer for The Book I Read, a podcast with Michael Jarmer, Writer Guy, that’s me, a writer, teacher, and musician from Portland, Oregon. Mostly, this podcast will be about books I’ve read, and my responses to them. But, seeing as how the title of this podcast originates with a song by Talking Heads, and seeing as how I, Michael Jarmer Writer Guy, am a musician and a music lover, not to mention the fact that I’m a slow reader, or, at least, a reader who likes to luxuriate over the reading experience, The Book I Read podcast may also sometimes be about music. As a fiction writer, poet, blogger, and educator, this podcast might at some times be about those things as well. Here’s the bottom line: if you like books, if you like music, if you are a reader or writer of fiction or poetry or literary non-fiction, or if you are a teacher or anybody who cares about education and learning, or ideas, (I’m casting a pretty wide net), this podcast is going to have something for you at some point or another.

I am absolutely thrilled to have you along for the ride. If you’re listening, and you want to respond, there are ways to do that–some of which are, at this point, mysterious to me. I think the Anchor website may give you some opportunities to subscribe or comment or donate–or maybe all of the above. So, I hope you will avail yourself of those opportunities. Meanwhile, stay tuned for a new and first full length episode of The Book I Read with Michael Jarmer Writer Guy! We’re gonna talk rock star fiction, erasure poetry, and mother love! John Darnielle, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, and Mary Lou Bushi will be our first featured writers!

Until then, please visit or to read, listen, subscribe, or donate! See you soon!

This podcast was, is, will continued to be produced, written, recorded and performed by Michael Jarmer. The music in this podcast was written and performed by Here Comes Everybody–René Ormae-Jarmer and Michael Jarmer. Thank you so much for tuning in. Our first episode should air in the next few days!

(And here’s the link to hear what the above little spiel sounds like! It might be interesting to see the kinds of things I changed on the fly.)

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I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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