Michael Tests the Mic

So, I got a new USB microphone. It’s the Yeti Pro from Blue Designs, and it’s pretty much the inspiration for this, the first blog entry I’ve made since July. Sorry that I’ve been so long away. I hope you missed me just a little. I decided to shoot a video and I talk here extemporaneously about microphones, about the new school year, the meaning of the word penultimate, drumming in a 80’s cover band called The Nu Wavers, and bizarrely, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in September. If you’re wondering about the location, I’m in the trailer, but I’m not camping. It’s a weekday night, the kitchen’s torn apart, my study is a mess, and I’m retreating to the T@B 400 to test the mic. Enjoy.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

4 thoughts on “Michael Tests the Mic

  1. The mic sounds good, though I don’t know how it compares to your laptop or phone mic, and I’m listening on my phone, so not a good test. How do you fit it all in? Three preps, a band, a dad, a mate, and a writer. Maybe you can blog sometime about why this is your second penultimate year. Smooth vlog. You didn’t say “um” once. New glasses?

    1. Thanks, man, for showing up. How do I do it? Poorly. Sometimes I feel like I’m dropping the ball. Yeah, I’ll write more about that penultimate year change of heart at some point, I’m sure. Not new glasses. These are my readers. Even though I’m not reading. They help me when I’ve got a computer in front of my face as well. Cheers.

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