#295: Simultaneously


251 babies are born every minute
and 105 people die.
That’s not sustainable, just saying.
18 million people just got
into a motor vehicle, not the
same vehicle, obviously.
There are 1500 active volcanos
and earthquakes are always happening.
75 people just bought a burger
at McDonald’s.
75 people just bought a burger
at McDonald’s.
This goes on–every second–75 burgers.
On my meditation app,
when my closing bell rings,
my phone tells me how many
people were meditating “with” me.
For fun, I’m going to meditate
right now for a minute.
Mmm. That was nice.
3,771 people just meditated
with me. 4.5 billion people
are asleep at any given moment,
which makes sleeping a lot
more popular than meditation.
If you spend enough time
thinking about how many
people in the world are doing
exactly the same thing you’re
doing in any given moment,
you might feel yourself small
and insignificant. You are.
And you are not. You share
molecules with Shakespeare
and that star that exploded.
Everyone can claim as much.
You are tiny and everywhere
at once, and that should really
make you feel accomplished
right along side the rest of us,

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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