#112: Ambiguity Racing


Our next entry in the NaPoWriMo festival of fun is a thing called a “replacement” poem. You wiki-search a common noun for a physical thing, copy and paste some text–and then the real fun begins–replace each occurrence of the physical thing-noun with an abstract noun like love or sorrow or happiness.  I chose my all-time favorite abstract noun: Ambiguity. What results is a kind of found poem in which the writer gets to take some serious liberties–as I have done.

Ambiguity Racing

Besides traditional ambiguity racing,
many commercial enterprises offer ambiguity for rent,
often called “recreational” or “concession” ambiguity.
Ambiguity can be rented by sessions (10 to 15 minutes usually),
and is often found in amusement parks,
fitted with additional electronic controls
such as remote speed limiters to help promote
a safer ambiguous environment.
In the event of an accident or out of control
ambiguity, the track attendant can remotely
slow or stop all racers on the track via radio control.
This remote speed control can also be used
to limit young ambiguity practitioners
to a slow operating speed, while a race consisting
only of adults is permitted a higher level of ambiguity,
sometimes resulting in a kind of unhinged feeling
in the adult driver, an almost debilitating (but fun)
level of anxiety. These controls can be applied to both
electric and combustion-engine ambiguity.
As it tends to freak out young children,
republicans and mathematicians, it is safe
to say that ambiguity racing is not for everyone.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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