Monster Talk Prologue: Of the Children of Monsters

Wherein Michael Jarmer reads the two epigraphs and the prologue from his novel, Monster Talk; wherein he struggles with the natural lighting, producing an unintentional but potentially appropriate ghostliness; wherein he informs us once again where one could procure a copy of his wonderful new novel; after which, he wonders whether or not video readings are distracting, whether or not it would be more effective if performances like these were audio only, hopes that readers, listeners, and viewers of his blog might weigh in on the issue. 

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

9 thoughts on “Monster Talk Prologue: Of the Children of Monsters

  1. friggin brilliant – love your style, voice, affect, words – &, oh yes, your novel, MONSTER TALK which, with the dozen other books brought home with me last week from So. Hadley MA gets loving penetrating perusallizing glances from my sleepy eyes at random interior pages just before I wake up to turn off the light and go back to sleep while I recover from 10 hour work-days after a wonder-filled week spent with you and our companions.

  2. It was so nice to hear you read again, Michael. I too would love to hear you read the whole book out loud. You could do it in installments!

  3. Monster Talk is first on my stack of books to read post-conference. Just waiting for a spare hour to sit in the sun with an excellent book and an ice tea. I’ve signed up to follow you, and even now as I type I’ve gotten the confirmation email. IT WORKS! Congratulations. You’ve created your own ‘monster’–my metaphor for what strange beast self-promotion has created in me. Yours is charming.

  4. Wow, what a reading! I like being able to see your facial expressions along with hearing the interpretive lilt of your voice. I also didn’t buy the book at the conference but will put it on my Fall reading list. Way to rock!

  5. If you, a net surfer, land here, and don’t know Michael, you might be wondering, “Wait, is he serious, or kidding? I can’t tell. Sometimes he seems really serious, but then he gives you one of those looks, or does that thing with his voice.” Well, dear surfer, he is both serious and kidding. And yes, that was irony and sincerity in his prose. Read on. The wryness has just begun.

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