#16: 24/7 Good News

Another horrific tragedy right here at home.  To most of us, 99.999% of us, what motivates people to do this kind of evil is incomprehensible–and that’s part of the good news, that we find it incomprehensible.  Another part of the good news is what Fred Rogers has pointed out to us, that there are more people helping than hurting, and what Patton Oswalt had to say in yesterday’s facebook post, that “the vast majority stands against that darkness.” The crazies are crazier and more destructive, and when they strike, we are devastated all.  We cannot minimize or downplay the horror, but we understand that it’s not the only reality; there continues to be more good news than bad.  Along those lines, here’s my 16th poem for NaPoWriMo.

24/7 Good News

I had a dream
that there was
a television channel
that broadcast
good news, 24/7.
Everybody watched
because the news
was so good they could
hardly believe it,
and what was even
better than that:
after watching so
much good news
people felt better,
they felt like the
world was not
quite so fucked up–
and they were right.

And then I woke up
and realized almost
immediately that
it was true; not that
there was a television
channel broadcasting
good news 24/7,
but that instead,
good new was
happening in every moment
of every day.

Today, for example,
there were no
school shootings.
Today, for example,
people who were hurting,
sick, or injured
were cared for
in selfless act after
selfless act.
Today, for example,
millions of fathers and
millions of mothers
told their children
they were loved.

Today, millions of people

killed no one,
stole nothing,
didn’t cheat,
hurt no one’s feelings,
smiled a lot,
and gave thanks
for so much really good news.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

One thought on “#16: 24/7 Good News

  1. For anyone following my blog posts remotely, there was an unfortunate typographical error in the original post that has since been remedied. If you missed it, your brain probably just filled in the correct missing word. If you didn’t miss it, and were concerned, now you know I know.

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